Christmas confessions of a young, male primary school teacher No. 1

Just before Christmas one year, a parent who was the driving force behind the school’s PTA asked me would I like to come to lunch with a group of other active parents. She said they had some new ideas for the PTA and would like my feedback. I mentioned it to the Head and she didn’t object. None of the parents were of children in my class – so I didn’t think it would include conversations about them, so I thought nothing of it.

The lunch proceeded nicely. The four parents had all gone to considerable trouble to contribute to a nice meal.  We chatted about some great ideas – events, fundraisers, parental involvement. The whole thing was very convivial, productive and pleasant. The lunch progressed and with much of the ‘business’ completed, conversation moved on to social matters, punctuated at times with light hearted jokes and the odd hints of flirtatious banter here and there. By the time lunch adjourned, we had genuinely come up with some terrific ideas for invigorating the PTA. As I was putting on my coat to leave, one parent said: “We can’t wait to tell the girls (referring to other parents not there) that we’ve been flirting with you all afternoon!” We all laughed. I had been flattered they had chosen to share some great ideas with me. But had I been compromised? Read blogposts 2 and 3 on the Christmas confessions of a young, male primary school teacher…


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