British values, equality and diversity – 2016-17 sessions for SCITT and School Direct trainees

‘British values’ are constantly in the news these days and teachers are expected to promote them in school. But what are they? Are you confident about discussing or teaching them?

If not, these two highly interactive and lively sessions will enable you to feel confident about how you can promote and teach ‘British values’ – promote equality, appreciate diversity and where appropriate make sensible judgments about the ‘Prevent’ strategy – all in a very practical way with many ideas and resources to use within your class and school.

These workshops (lasting three hours each) will provide you with a good understanding of these challenging areas and build confidence to tackle difficult and complex issues when they arise.

Session 1 – Can you teach British values? Yes – and here’s how…

  • includes dozens of inspiring ideas and activities on how to promote ‘British values’
  • scenarios on dealing confidently with challenging incidents and advice on how to apply the ‘Prevent’ strategy
  • inspiring ideas on teaching the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural curriculum

Session 2 – Promoting Equality & Celebrating Diversity

  • includes workshop exercises and case studies on a range of issues addressed by the Equality Act
  • scenarios on dealing confidently to promote inclusion
  • practical ideas and activities on how to promote equality and celebrate diversity

Session fees (plus travel expenses):

  • £330 for one three hour session or
  • £500 for both sessions on the same day

To discuss or arrange a presentation or ask any questions, please contact or call 020 8372 6382 or 07824 398144.

Alan Newland worked as a teacher, an ITT lecturer at a university and as a headteacher in London for over 23 years and then for over 12 years as a senior advisor at the DfE and the GTC. He now lectures on teaching and runs the award-winning social media network newteacherstalk.   You can follow him on Twitter at @newteacherstalk.  His book “Working in Teaching” (Crimson Publishing) was published in March 2014.


What tutors and trainees have said about Alan Newland and the ‘British values’ sessions in recent months:

I had little understanding of ‘British values’ but now I feel much more confident and lead on this for whole school initiatives!  Rohima Begum. Rosetta Primary School London E16

Thanks Alan! Everyone at the sessions rated it either ‘Very good’ or ‘Excellent’.     Claire James, ELASCITT, Plaistow, London – May 2016

Thank you very much for your input to our training programme last week. The trainees valued the session very highly – the average rating was a maximum 4.  I have attached their comments. I would be very happy to include this session in our programme next year and now interested in your other sessions too.    Lincolnshire TSA – March 2016

Doing all three sessions we thought it might be too much, but not at all. The trainees had an excellent day – thanks Alan!    Mersey Boroughs SCITT – January 2016

The trainees went away feeling uplifted and it was exactly what they needed. And, for me, it was good to have your wisdom and experience. I learnt a lot.    Louise Leigh, Director, King Edward’s Consortium, Birmingham. (November 2015)

Just a note to thank you very much for an excellent presentation on Monday- really positive feedback from the trainees.     Dylan Gwyer-Roberts, Director of School Direct & PGCE at Bath Spa University (September 2015)


What trainees have said recently:

June 2016 at York Pathfinder TSA

  • A fantastic, relaxed and extremely engaging session that challenged our thoughts and ideas which then inspires and enables our own teaching. I loved hearing about Alan’s own experiences too.
  • I was challenged and engaged throughout. The booklet was really useful as a collection of activities, there was a clear structure and I enjoyed the activities.
  • Excellent pack of resources to take away. Great examples of how to prepare yourself for difficult and challenging situations with pupils.
  • Very useful activities and resources. Good discussion and debate. I have a good idea what is meant by ‘British values’ now.

January 2016 at the Mersey Boroughs SCITT

  • Brilliant discussions and really enjoyable – allowed me to reflect on issues I hadn’t thought of. I was really looking forward to the afternoon session too!
  • Thought provoking, lots of information and motivating.
  • Alan did a brilliant job. Fantastic day! Thank you!
  • Alan is a really inspirational speaker and the sessions were challenging, engaging and really pushed us to think and form our opinions through lots of great group discussions.
  • Great talk from Alan – clearly very knowledgeable and approachable.
  • Brilliant information. Enjoyed all the discussions. Fantastic interactive session!
  • Very re-assuring and very inspirational. Great session.
  • Very helpful, inspiring and motivational – the entire day was excellent. Alan’s pace and knowledge was excellent.

January 2016 at the Oxon-Bucks SCITT

  • Really excellent presentation – very helpful for our careers. Good knowledge, inspiring speaker, great advice.
  • I really enjoyed this session. Well delivered. Probably the most important session for a while.
  • Very engaging and interesting – thanks.

November 2015 at the Suffolk & Norfolk SCITT

  • Loved the series of lectures today! Alan is amazing!
  • The whole day was brilliant and very engaging. I enjoyed asking questions of my own beliefs – only then can we teach the children – but it was also re-assuring. He kept it real and allayed our fears. Thank you so much.
  • Brilliant – amazing teaching, knowledge and experience in this field. I learned how to integrate SMSC activities into the classroom and whole school.
  • Fantastic session – very well delivered, he kept it interesting all day – really nice, funny man, challenged us to think with lots of really interesting debates and discussions and lots to take back to the classroom.
  • Excellent session – very thought-provoking – thank you!
  • Great ideas about how to teach British values and the SMSC curriculum I am going to try “20 Questions on Values” as soon as I get back to school!
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the session today – great lecturer – gave me confidence in my knowledge and teaching.
  • The activities engaged me instantly. They got me thinking and related to me and my experiences.


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